Central Ontario - Blue Mountain - Grey County Maxwell  Landscaping

Landscape Four Seasons

Our area being four seasons in nature with geographic and communal activities within it, allows for most companies to participate in the four seasons. During the spring summer and fall our business engages in a wide scope of activities ranging from landscape projects and inside and outside construction projects. In winter - but not limited to, tree maintenance, indoor natural floors, etc.

Landscape + Agriculture

Well over 30 years of experience working on landscape and agriculture (specializing in fruit tree maintenance). We work with natural and man-made stone, sourced local when possible. We coordinate projects (hot-tubs, pool, generators, etc). Build - natural arbours, pergolas. Create nature trails. Perform conceptual planning.


Alex Maxwell. Ph# (519) 599-6194
Email: amaxwell25@rogers.com


Meaford, Collingwood, Owensound, Camperdown, Castle Glen Estates, Christie Beach, Clarksburg, Craigleith, Duncan, Gibraltar, Swiss Meadows, Heathcote, Kolapore, Little Germany, Lora Bay, Loree, Ravenna, Red Wing, Slabtown, and Victoria Corners
For fruit tree maintence - local & Southern Ontario fruit growing belt.